Recent news reports have revealed that the horrifying legacy of the Trump administration’s family separation policy lives on. The NY Times, among others, has reported that the parents of 545 children have been lost. This means that these children are now in the United States, and our government has no idea where their parents are or who their parents are.

Such a legacy is one that should cause us all to recoil in horror. These parents’ only crime was that they sought safety and security in our country. US asylum law stipulates that anyone can apply for asylum regardless of their status.

We must hold our leaders accountable. Regardless the outcome of the upcoming election, we must not rest until every family has been reunified and asylum seeker has a fair hearing.

Joe Biden said he will issue an executive order on day one that establishes a task force to reunite these children. If he wins we must hold him accountable to this promise. President Trump has told us that family separation has ended. Clearly that is not true. We must hold him and his administration accountable for the things they have done to destroy families.

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